FAQ - Investment

Claim GYC from IDO

Here is a guide on how to claim your GYC coins from the IDO.
First, you will need to prepare the following:
1) The wallet address that you used on the IDO
2) A Solana wallet address previously created(Requires use of our supported Solana wallets Phantom and Solflare Wallet
Notice that the claim fees are paid by the platform. Free for the user.

Step 1

Click to connect the wallet address you used on the IDO

Step 2

After the wallet has been successfully connected, you can view your vesting information and click on Bind now.
We currently support two Solana wallets: Phantom and Solflare Wallet, please make sure you have them
Start/End Time: The start and end time of the vesting period
Solster/DaoStarter: Your IDO platform to buy GYC
(200000) 20% at TGE: (200000) 20% of total amount of coins unlocked at the TGE.
1 GYC=0.18USDT: GYC token value at IDO
User's IDO wallet address is the address that you used to buy on the IDO (it is used to get the information from the IDO you participated)
The Coin claim address is the Solana wallet address you have (Using Phantom or Solflare plugin wallet)
Daily Unlock: GYCs unlocked every day
Total: The total number of GYCs you own
Locked: The amount of GYC you have locked
Already Withdrawn: The amount of GYC you’ve already withdrawn
Available to withdraw: The amount you can withdraw now

Step 3

Bind your Solana wallet address

Step 4

Confirm your wallet information and bind

Step 5

Bind successful

Step 6

Click on claim to claim your coins

Step 7

GYC withdrawal successful